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How to Plan a Killer Corporate Party

What do the Chicago Cubs, Tao Group, Aston Martin, and The Four Seasons all have in common? Aside from all being huge names in the entertainment industry, when it comes to their business, they all love alcohol pops better known as Buzz Pops and Buzz Pop cocktails! They have been featured on places like Forbes, Huffington Post, Thrillist and Food & Wine and can be the perfect addition to that upcoming corporate holiday event or slate of holiday parties. Every year, big businesses like to splurge on holiday events for their teams, but the party planning usually stops right after the food and guest list. Many people have never even heard of things like alcoholic popsicles and that’s no way to throw a killer party! Every year corporate events pull out the same trays of appetizers and alcohol selection that makes each one of these holiday parties feel like they were taken from a template of sorts. You tend to know what to expect. That takes the fun out of things to the point where the guests may not be looking forward to the event the second year around. But the party planning checklist should include new and innovative products that not only get your guests talking but keep them talking long after the event has ended. With the addition of refreshing sorbets to your event list, planning a killer party just got a little bit easier. Forget the basic cocktails and Bacardi because who doesn’t love something like a Patron Pop instead?

What are Buzz Pops?

The thing about corporate holiday events is that you want your guests not only to have a good time but you want them to be able to socialize and mingle. Around the holidays, people mostly just want to spend time at home with their family. When it comes to throwing a killer party the important thing to remember is that you want people to feel comfortable enough let loose. And yes, it’s important to have a good food spread along with your traditional wines and spirits selections but the best way to give your guests the best time is to give them a talking piece like a boozy sorbet; it’s something fun to get together around and talk about. Most newcomers are excited to see their favorite drinks in a whole other form. So what are they? Take the average push pop and combine it with premium alcohol like Tito’s Vodka or Maker’s Mark and you get a Buzz Pop. The best part of these pops are that they are under 100 calories, which means your guests won’t be packing on the pounds as they celebrate their years together.

Vegan guest? No problem as Buzz Pops are also a vegan item. In a day and age where people are more and more aware of their diet, having a vegan alternative item like this one is sure to surprise a few guests at your event. They are far too used to getting turned down in that category at other events. They are also gluten free, fat free, certified OU Kosher.

These premium alcohol popsicles contain only fresh organic real fruit. Most fruity drinks today don’t even contain real fruit. For those who really put an emphasis on clean eating, this is that perfect little snack to hold to them over while also staying healthy. Is there an all round better sounding product for your killer party?

The Selection

When it comes to the selection of Buzz Pop Flavors the brand knows that variety is key. And with any killer party you want to make sure you have items that appeal to a wide plethora of people. Some people like chocolate over fruit whereas others hate chocolate but need some mango in their life. At the same time some people may want a drink but also something even more refreshing than that. These little snacks are the perfect addition because there’s a little bit of everything, from that chilled essence down to their selections of flavors. Currently as it stands the selection of flavors are Moscow Mule, Southern Belle, Caribbean Breeze, Chocolate Raspberry Sorbet, Mango Passion Fruit, Blueberry Mojo. With Buzz Pops your corporate holiday events guests can leave the party talking about that new item that they probably haven’t seen anywhere else and if they have, it was probably at something like a Chicago Cubs game which gives your party even more credibility. Station your pops right in between the appetizers and the drinks on a cool bed of ice and watch your guests flock to them and have fun.

When it comes to planning a killer party, especially a big corporate holiday event, you know that there will be a variety of different types of guests from the guy who has worked at the company for twenty years to the newbie down in accounting. The key is finding that specialized blend of fun that can strip away all the titles and seniority and mesh everybody together for a few hours. Buzz Pops is that perfect mix of “talking piece” meets alcoholic beverage. Who doesn’t remember push pops as a kid? They bring that level of nostalgia while keeping enough class where your guests will feel young and mature at the same time. That’s how these alcoholic popsicles help to enhance any killer party.

Throwing a killer party and getting together that party planning checklist no longer needs to be a stressful event now that you know there’s an item out there like Buzz Pops. Gone are the days where your guests leave the party talking about basic sandwiches and sangria. Get your guests talking  and be the talk of the town when it comes to the corporate holiday event. Just because everyone busted out their best business casual attire, doesn’t mean that the emphasis shouldn’t fall more on the casual side. So never time you’re planning your party, check out these boozy sorbets and start wowing your guests!


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