Brand Ambassadors


The Buzz Pop Cocktails Brand Ambassadors are an exclusive group of women selected from around the United States to promote our product at events and via social media. Becoming a Buzz Pop Brand Ambassador isn’t as simple as being beautiful. Each of our ambassadors were chosen not only for their looks but for their energy, outgoing personality, people skills and motivation.

The next step after Brand Ambassador is to become an Affiliate Brand Ambassador who has the opportunity to not only travel with us but to earn revenue from their efforts. This is an amazing opportunity to promote a unique brand. To apply to be an affiliate write us today at

Beauty, Brains and Buzz Pops: Meet Our Brand Ambassadors

Much like Buzz Pop Cocktails themselves, our Brand Ambassadors come in a variety of flavors: Tall and small, slim and curvy, blonde and brunette and every combination in between…but they do share one common trait: They are excited to meet you and share Buzz Pop Cocktails! We at Buzz Pop Cocktails are extremely proud of our official Buzz Pop Brand Ambassadors and look forward introducing them to the world!

Buzz Babe Model Ashley Perkins

Ashley Perkins Brand Ambassador

Ashley is our Buzz Pop Brand Ambassador for the Panhandle of Florida. She has been an extra on Army Wives and Reckless filmed in Charleston, South Carolina and photographed for Mount Pleasant Magazine in South Carolina. She enjoys being a  competitive state champion jr. tennis player…

Melissa Toscano Buzz Pop Cocktails Brand Ambassador

Melissa Toscano Brand Ambassador

Melissa is our Buzz Pop Brand Ambassador based in Tampa, Florida. She has a track record of successful entrepreneurship and enjoys promoting new products. Melissa is spearheading Business Development. She loves cooking in high heels and Buzz Pops, but hates working out.