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The Buzz Pop Cocktails Buzz Babes submission form is your gateway to an exclusive world of promotional appearances at Vegas Day Clubs, exclusive night clubs and more. Take the first step by filling out the form below and sharing with us why YOU would be the perfect Buzz Babe!

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Once your entry has been received your Buzz Babes Submission will be reviewed by members of our Executive Team including the CEO, Director of Content and Marketing Team. We aren’t looking only for a pretty face. Our Buzz Babes our expected to be true brand ambassadors of Buzz Pop Cocktails product line. The perfect Buzz Babe is friendly, knowledgeable about our products, witty and is willing to interact with the public to promote our brand.

Once the Buzz Pop Cocktails team has reviewed your submission, we will reach out to you in order to arrange a video call. There are no trick questions or “got ya’s” we simply want to confirm that you are who you say you are and to get a feel for your personality. After that, the real fun begins! Your images and video will be added to our website for the world to see! We want to see how motivated YOU are to be a Buzz Babe and it is up to YOU to use social media to drive likes and mentions! At the end of the contest, the ladies with the highest numbers of likes and mentions will have the opportunity to become Buzz Babes!

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