Jennifer is a recent addition to the Buzz Pops team and our current feature Brand Ambassador for the summer! Please welcome her by liking her social media pages.

Jennifer was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia and has an Argentine background. She has a Master’s degree in Clinical Counseling Psychology. A former therapist and adjunct professor, she currently works as a international air hostess and have visited over 40 countries. Jennifer loves meeting people from different backgrounds and experiencing new foods, cultures, and places. She enjoys backpacking, dancing, and being on the beach. During my downtime recovering from long flights I love to eat pizza in bed while watching telenovelas.

Get to know Jennifer

Q:  Celebrity Crush?
A:  Tom Hardy

Q:  Favorite Buzz Pop Flavor?
A:  I have yet to have the opportunity to try them all so I am not sure which is my favorite, but I loved the Caribbean Breeze. Plus, I believe you have new flavors this year.

Q:  Dream Vacation?
A:  Cappadocia, Turkey

Q:  Favorite Color?
A:  Pink

Q: Goals as Brand Ambassador?
A: To increase awareness of Buzz Pops.

Q:  Reason for wanting to be a Buzz Pops Brand Ambassador?
A:   I want to be a Buzz Pops ambassador because I really enjoy sharing things I love with others, especially unique and new things related to food or travel. Buzz pops are a unique product that I think people would enjoy.

Q:  Biggest life goal and what you did to achieve it?
A:   I haven’t had just 1 big life goal. I consistently set small goals for myself. I feel like my biggest achievement was getting my master’s degree and having my thesis published. I achieved this by dedicating a lot of time to studying and research and being consistent about it.

Q:  Plans for the future?
A:  My plans for the future are to see and experience as much of the world as possible.

Q:  Favorite travel destination?
A:  Antigua, Guatemala

Q:  Favorite food?
A:  Pizza

Q:  How do you communicate with people? Are you patient? Are you friendly?
A:  Good social skills are key to successful communication. I have an inviting and welcoming disposition and am an excellent listener. I have a friendly personality and genuinely enjoy meeting and getting to know people.

Q:  Describe your personality
A:   I would describe myself as a playful and loving free spirit with a determined intellectual side.

Q:  Do you prefer to cook or eat in restaurants?
A:   I definitely prefer to dine out. I love trying new restaurants and different foods.

Q:  Do you eat nutritiously? How often do you exercise or go to the gym?
A:  While I do normally eat healthy foods, I still eat sweets and junk food occasionally. I do some sort of exercise at least 3-4 times per week and live an active lifestyle in general.

Q:  What is your sexiest body part?
A:  My brain is my sexiest body part. Intelligence is sexy.

Q:  What is your online social media style?
A:  My online social media style is playful and flirty travel photos.

Q:  Do you have any limitations?
A:   No, I think if there is something I want or want to achieve I can find a way to accomplish it.

Q:  Would you travel with Buzz Pops?
A:  Yes, I would absolutely travel with Buzz Pops.