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All the Boozy Popsicles you need this summer

Pop Sugar – All the Boozy Popsicle Brands You’ll Want to Stock Your Freezer With This Summer
May 31st by Erin Cullum

Pop Sugar – Boozy Popsicle Brands

Remember when we only sipped cocktails and didn’t eat them in the form of boozy popsicles? How old-fashioned of us. Now, we can scoop alcoholic sorbet, lick vodka-infused ice pops, and eat adult versions of the Otter Pops we had as kids. It’s pretty easy to make your own alcoholic popsicles, but thankfully, there are companies out there that have done the work for us. Whether your preference is liquor-enhanced ice cream or wine-flavored popsicles, these brands have you covered. Ahead, find out where to buy a variety of boozy frozen treats, and stock your freezer this Summer.


Buzz Pop Cocktails

What they are: Remember those sorbet push pops from your childhood? Take those and add alcohol, and you have Buzz Pop Cocktails. These delightful treats are made with Italian sorbet and liquor, and they’re best consumed poolside. Take your pick from refreshing flavors like Mango Passion Fruit, Pink Paradise Sorbet, and Moscow Mule Sorbet. (Oh, and each has a 15 percent ABV, so lick slowly).

Where to buy: You won’t find Buzz Pop Cocktails in retail stores, but they are available online and at a variety of destinations including Disney Springs. The Florida-based company also does events in the Southeast.


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