It’s Always a Better Party with Buzz Pops

It’s Always a Better Party with Buzz Pops


A party becomes a better party with Buzz Pop Cocktails and without them is just as bad as a party without drinks or a large selection of hot babes. I mean, who does that? Much like your favorite beverage, there won’t be much of a party before you unwrap the Buzz Pops and begin to engage with this Indulgent Premium Cocktail with a Healthy Twist.

Usually, you can be a liquor guy or a fruit juice guy, but cocktails give you the opportunity to be both. The delicious combo of sweet natural fruit juice and alcohol is only bettered when made into an adult alcohol push like Buzz Pops.

Finally! Popsicles that adults can totally relate with. Buzz Pops are chef inspired from natural whole pressed juices or all-natural seasonal fruits and only top shelf premium liquor. An innovative way to keep your booze and fruit frozen without any extra ice or ingredients.

These pops come in a variety of flavors including Pink Paradise, Blueberry Mojo, Southern Belle, and about 70 more flavors. The pops are whipped seasonal fruits infused with 15% top shelf liquors and seasonal fruits, packaged in a 1960’s retro style see-through push pop.

Buzz pops are not full of ice like the pops we had as kids. They are all fruit and liquor frozen up. So, if it melts, don’t worry, you’ll still have a shot.

Everybody can absolutely enjoy Buzz Pops because they are delicious and healthy. Each pop contains less than 100 calories. So, you can have two or more, and not accumulate the calories you work so hard to lose and avoid.  Buzz Pops are Vegan, Kosher, Gluten free, and fat free.

You may now give up sneaking alcohol to those resorts that say no! Just take as many Buzz Pop Cocktails as you want as long as you don’t forget your cooler and dry ice. LOLOL. It is also easier to sneak a buzz pop into a cinema than a hamburger, shhh! That’s going to be our little secret.

When the pops look as cute as they do, you might as well hang on to them and do a little game of show off. Las Vegas culinary geniuses, Jason Isaacs and Eric Kroeker are to thank for this cuisine magic.

The heavy demand for our pops means we produce limited quantities every season. You see? It’s always a party with Buzz Pop Cocktails. “Go Ahead, Indulge”. Coming to New York and California soon as well as direct to consumer online ordering for your next wedding, bachelor party, celebrity event, corporate party or just any holiday fun you can muster up.


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