Ashley Perkins – Brand Ambassador

Ashley Perkins – Brand Ambassador

With Buzz Pop Cocktails rapidly becoming the go to choice for a refreshing, alcohol infused treat at events around the country it became apparent we were missing some…thing. After getting to know Florida’s own Ashley Perkins we realized it wasn’t some “thing” we were missing but rather some ONE! More than a pretty face, Ashley has successfully leveraged her social media presence into promoting clothing lines and now Buzz Pop Cocktails! Recently photographed for Mount Pleasant Magazine, you may have also seen Ashley as an extra on the hit television show Army Wives and the movie Reckless!

Ashley is a competitive State Champion Junior tennis player and enjoys live music, concerts, partying, the beach, dining out and the movies! You can follow Ashley on social media at:

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Get to know Ashley

Q. Celebrity Crush?
A. My celebrity crush is definitely Norman Reedus who plays Daryl on The Walking Dead. TWD is my favorite television show and I love Daryl’s character. I was fortunate enough to meet Norman last October in Atlanta at a Walker Stalker Con and it was awesome!

Q. Favorite Buzz Pop Flavor?
A. My favorite Buzz Pop flavor is the Blueberry Mojo. I love that the MOJO features premium tequila and juicy pomegranates with antioxidants! The flavor explodes in your mouth and leaves you wanting more.

Q. Dream Vacation?
A. My life is pretty busy, being a beach girl lol, so my dream would be to travel to Norway and experience the beauty of the Northern Lights. Being a true southern belle, I never get to experience the beauty of a fresh snowfall so I would love to travel here to the quaint villages.

Q. Favorite Color?
A. I love the color RED……self-explanatory!

Q. Goals as Brand Ambassador?
A. I am so excited to be a Brand Ambassador for Buzz Pop Cocktails and thrilled with the opportunity to help promote a product and concept that I truly love. I am careful about what I put into my body so knowing that Buzz Pop only features top-shelf liquors, fresh fruit, is vegan and gluten-free and 100% natural makes promotion EASY! Buzz Pops are definitely my healthy and delicious indulgence! Being part of the Buzz Pop family is amazing and I look forward to working with them and sharing this amazing concept and watching Buzz explode across the United States!

Q. Favorite travel destination?
A. I was raised and lived in Charleston, South Carolina until last summer when I relocated to sunny Florida. I love Charleston as it is consistently rated #1 by travel magazines as the best vacation spot. Charleston offers beautiful beaches, top cuisine and southern ambience in the beautiful historic district.

Q. Favorite food?
A. I love all food but I am a pasta freak and adore Italian cuisine. A favorite dish I loved in Charleston was lobster macaroni and as a true southerner I also adore the classic dish of shrimp and grits.

Q. How do you communicate with people? Are you patient? Are you friendly?
A. Communication in a relationship, whether it be business or personal, is vital to the success of the relationship. I’m a very good listener, extremely patient and always upbeat and friendly. It takes quite a lot to upset me and for me to lose it when communicating, but although I am friendly, I can stand my ground when necessary.

Q. Describe your personality
A. I am an upbeat, half full kind of girl who is always looking for the positive in a situation. I am loyal to a fault and will always have a friend’s back. I’m the girl everyone comes to for support when they are feeling down as I always listen and never express judgment. I love to have fun and the people who make me laugh are my friends for life.

Q. Do you prefer to cook or eat in restaurants?
A. Although I love to cook, I must confess an addiction to exploring new restaurants. My Mom had me in restaurants from the time I was four weeks old and I never tire of dining out.

Q. Do you eat nutritiously? How often do you exercise or go to the gym?
A. I try to eat nutritiously as often as possible, but pizza and ice cream are my weaknesses. I try to keep my snacks in moderation and focus on eating healthy most days of the week. I usually go to the gym at least four days a week. As I was raised a competitive athlete where I trained 30 hours a week, I find it hard to miss a workout without feeling guilty.

Q. What is your sexiest body part?
A. This sounds a trick question! Haha! Honestly I believe the sexiest body part is the human brain. Without intelligence and humor, an attractive person becomes quite boring to me.

Q. What is your online social media style?
A. I love online media and find it very fun and entertaining. My style is definitely different from most internet profiles. When you see my Instagram, you are truly seeing Ashley. My personality and style comes through in an eclectic fashion. I am not limited or guided by others. I just do my thing and allow my personality to emerge. I think that most of my followers would describe me as a little bit crazy but a lot of fun.

Q. Do you have any limitations?
A. People are only limited by the limitations they set for themselves. I was taught when I was young to reach for the stars and that anything I worked hard enough for was possible to achieve.

Q. Would you travel with Buzz Pops?
A. Absolutely! I would love to travel with Buzz Pops!!!!

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