Booze Pops hits home run with Buzz Pops

Booze Pops hits home run with Buzz Pops

Booze Pops hits home run with Buzz Pops

  • Posted By:  Buzzpops
  • Dated:  August 5, 2017

Booze Pops in Charleston, South Carolina hits home run with the addition of Buzz Pop Cocktails 15% top shelf alcohol sorbet push pops.

Every business nowadays seeks out that one product that puts them over the top and has customers running back for more, day after day. That is the story of a Charleston, SC business called Booze Pops. They started in 2016 selling only alcohol infused desserts from their adult only ice cream trucks. Business has grown over the last year to 3 trucks and a blessing from local government, that the products they sell are classified as food instead of liquor. This allows them to travel around Charleston and tantalize everyone with their adult only products.

Fast forward to 2017 and the introduction of Buzz Pop Cocktails to this merchant. Woody now has a product that is 15% ABV and all natural. Surely this will be a fit. In its first weekend selling Buzz Pops, they accounted for almost 90% of his sales. No other product he carries has the alcohol content of Buzz Pops. Buzz on Charleston!

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  • buzzpops

    Posted on Aug 09, 2017 at 08:24 am

    Can someone tell me if the rumor is true? Buzz Pops talking about 25% ABV in new winter line as well as Buzz Pop sorbet sandwiches.

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