BPC Sponsors John Cushman’s Walk Across America For Diabetes Awareness

BPC Sponsors John Cushman’s Walk Across America For Diabetes Awareness

Buzz Pop Cocktails becomes founding sponsor for the John Cushman walk across America for the American Diabetes Association.

In 1977 John Cushman, then twenty-one years old, decided to create a charity walk in order to raise money and awareness for the Annual Labor Day Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystrophy (MDA) Telethon. Planning to execution took place within a few brief weeks and with the assistance of several corporate sponsors, chief among them 7-11, John began his walk on July 13th at noon. A walk which would take him from New York Times Square to Mission Beach in San Diego, CA.

49 Days, 6 Hours and 14 minutes after beginning his walk John plunged into the Pacific Ocean to celebrate the successful completion of his journey. With only three days of serious planning, John ultimately raised $160,000 for Muscular Dystrophy…the equivalent of over $600,000 in 2017 dollars. Since that time, John has worked as a business executive while continuing his passion for helping others.

Forty years have passed since John’s initial walk and to celebrate he has decided to once again lace up his shoes this time on behalf of the American Diabetes Association. At sixty-one years of age his goal is simple: A walk from the Washington Monument in Washington, D.C. to his old finish line of Mission Beach, San Diego CA.

The story of how Buzz Pop Cocktails became involved as a sponsor in supporting John’s 2017 walk is simple: Buzz Pop’s CEO Joseph Isaacs remembers the profound personal impact of John’s walk in 1977. An impact that was to lay the groundwork for “giving back” during the course of Joseph’s business career. In his own words, “We are excited and very humbled to be asked to participate in this cause to bring additional awareness to the problems associated with Diabetes as well as help John achieve his goals on the fundraising side.” said Isaacs. “Buzz Pops has been working with its partners at Green Earthology to develop 100% green push pop packaging, which will eliminate any plastic waste and help save the earth one Buzz Pop at a time.” he added.

Along with a significant financial donation to the American Diabetes Association, Buzz Pop Cocktails is proud to be providing their Buzz Pop Shirleys, a non-alcoholic, 100% all-natural Italian-style sorbet in order to sustain John and his team during their walk. Buzz Pop Cocktails is proud to stand with John Cushman and the 2017 Walk for Diabetes as a sponsor in order to support awareness and research.

For more information regarding Buzz Pop Cocktails please visit www.buzzpopcocktails.com or Call: 727-641-5551.

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