Buzz Pop Cocktails Partners With Drake’s Award Winning Organic Spirits

Buzz Pop Cocktails Partners With Drake’s Award Winning Organic Spirits

Buzz Pop Cocktails Partners With Drake’s Award Winning Organic Spirits

After a fun filled 1st year full of bikinis, fashion shows, pool parties and red-carpet events, Buzz Pop Cocktails (the Adult Push Pop Company) is proud to announce it has partnered with Drakes Organic Spirits which has now become our premium Rum & Vodka, of choice, used to produce our line of Buzz Pop Cocktails. “We are honored to have had the opportunity to partner with such an award winning and super premium brand,” says Buzz Pops CEO, Joseph Isaacs.

Buzz Pops has once again hit it out of the park, by utilizing its patented technology, thereby taking signature cocktails and turning them into a 5-star restaurant quality Italian Sorbets with up to 34% alcohol by volume. In addition to utilizing Drake’s for our existing line of flavors, an additional four new flavors will be co-branded an introduced, shortly, so Buzz Pops can integrate with all the Drake’s national promotions. Those new flavors include a Margarita Sorbet Pop using Drakes Organic Vodka, a Mojito Sorbet Pop using Drake Organic Rum, a Strawberry Daiquiri Sorbet Pop using Drakes Organic Vodka and a Pina Colada Sorbet Pop using Drakes Organic Rum.

One of our first events together will be the private player parties in Los Angeles during the NBA all-star games February 16-19, 2018. Look for Buzz Pop Cocktails & Drakes Organic Spirits at the Nightclub and Bar show in Las Vegas March 26-28th at booth #1023. We will also be jointly sponsoring the kickoff party being held at the Foxtail pool at the SLS Hotel (2535 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109). Our cabana will be a fun and exciting place to visit.

“Our team is constantly evaluating partnership opportunities, like this one, each year and analyzing which ones make the grade in terms of uniqueness that qualify for the full weight of our time and resources. This partnership aligns with our healthy premium concept. We love the fact that all Drakes Spirits are Gluten free, GMO free and certified Organic,” said Isaacs.

Buzz Pop Cocktails holds the patent pending process for freezing high levels of premium alcohol with 15-40% APV (alcohol per volume) and this opens the door to dominate the specialty cocktail niche that, until now, has resulted in grainy consistency, slushy and poor tasting ready to serve desert items with low alcohol volumes that average around a low 5%. Buzz Pop Cocktails offers seasonal fruit and cold pressed exotic juices, whipped into a 5-star restaurant quality, Italian-style gourmet sorbet infused with top shelf premium liquors. At under 100 calories, vegan, gluten free, certified kosher with no artificial flavors or additives, cocktail aficionado’s experience an “An Adult-Push Pop which brings back memories of the childhood creamsicle push pops they once got from the neighborhood ice cream trucks. “Go ahead, Indulge……we dare you”.

Launched in Las Vegas in March, 2017, Buzz Pop Cocktails is the only ready-to-serve, all natural 100% fruit, gourmet Italian-style sorbet with the patent pending process for freezing the finest top shelf liquor brands with 15-40% APV (alcohol per volume) to uniquely serve their customers a high-quality, frozen specialty cocktail. It’s an “Indulgent Premium Cocktail with a Healthy Twist” delivered in a retro-style see through push pop. Buzz Pops completed the construction of its production and distribution center, in the second quarter of 2017, just south of the famous Las Vegas strip to simplify coordinated distribution to hotels. Buzz Pop Cocktails has an out of the box marketing plan which includes distribution to hotels (F&B), pool bars, sporting arenas, celebrity and corporate events and cruise lines.

Mark and his wife Kristen both grew up on grain farms in a small town in North Dakota. We have always wanted to produce the purest and healthiest ingredients. We realized that to do that, we needed to avoid gluten and genetically modified grain that makes up about 94% of all corn and 96% of the sugar beets produced in the USA.

They traveled the globe searching for the finest non-GMO organic ingredients. Their quest led us to organic cane fields of South America which are fed with the purest water that flows down from the top of the Andes mountains into the fertile Cauca Valley. It takes the purest water to produce the purest sugar cane. With our spirits of adventure, we began to hand craft the first non-grain Gluten free USDA certified Organic Vodka and USDA Organic Rum. Drake’s Ultra-Premium Vodka is distilled 12x and is full of nature’s flavors, with a smooth, clean taste only cane alcohol can provide. Drake’s has recently won many accolades for top spirits.

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