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9 Drinks you can get as Boozy Popsicles

by Gia Mercado @

Spring has just barely sprung, but I can already taste the summer weather. Or maybe that’s just my mouth salivating at the idea of these cocktail-inspired alcoholic popsicles. I have a pavlovian response to summertime recipes that combine nostalgic treats and happy hour.

If you’re looking for an alcohol-infused poolside snack, your options are far from limited. There’s boozy ice cream and boozy fruit and even boozy snow cones. Basically, humans have found a way to put booze into anything edible that didn’t already contain booze. This is great news as bringing a blender, shaker, and various drink accouterments to the beach to make your favorite summer drink isn’t really realistic or safe or seen as cool and chill behavior.

Popsicles have also gotten the boozy treatment. If you’ve ever wanted to ingest a red, white, and blue Bomb Pop in shot form, you’re in luck: Bomb Pop shots exist. In addition to the pre-made popsicles below, you can also make your own alcoholic popsicles. Amazon sells freezer pop molds perfect for DIY-ing a custom made a cocktail-inspired popsicle. If you need inspiration, there is an entire book of alcoholic popsicle recipes called Ice Kitchen Poptails: 50 Sensationally Intoxicating Cocktail Lollies. The world is your boozy oyster. Just remember to popsicle responsibly.

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