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We are loving this modern boozy twist on one of our favorite summertime treats- Ice Cream! Whoever thought of combining Ice Cream and Alcoholic Cocktails was a genius. These liquor-infused treats truly are the best of both worlds. In honor of the start of summer, we went on a search to find the best boozy ice creams and popsicles.

1. Buzz Pop Cocktails

These dairy-free, vegan, fat free, organic and kosher adult push pops are ideal for any summer pool party. Buzz Pop comes in a variety of fun flavors, such as Lemon Drop Martini, Pink Paradise, Watermelon Patch, Mango Passion Fruit, Southern Belle, Blueberry Mania, Caribbean Breeze and Moscow Mule, infused with either vodka, rum, tequila or whiskey. Each colorful Italian sorbet popsicle cocktail contains 15% ABV and under 100 calories.

My favorite flavors were the Pink Paradise Sorbet, which is made with Tequila and fruits, and the Southern Belle Sorbet, which was made with Real Bourbon Whiskey and Iced Tea. Each Buzz Pop was sweet and smooth, and reminiscent of childhood slushies. Other than the delicious flavors, my favorite part about these frozen pops is the convenient packaging. The push pop’s packaging makes it easy to enjoy your adult popsicle without making a mess. I would recommend keeping them in the freezer until you are ready to enjoy as they melt pretty quickly on a hot day.

Buzz Pop cocktails are available online and at certain clubs in Las Vegas (Cosmopolitan Pool, Drais, Mandarin Oriental, Fat Burger Bar, Hilton Vacation Resorts, 4 Seasons, Aria, Summit Club, WG Resorts, MGM, Caesar’s Entertainment), Miami (Datz, WTR at The Godfrey Hotel, Caddy’s on the Beach), California (Legends Field, Catalina Island) and New York (Iconoclast Dinner Experience).

2. Two Birds Ice Cream

Two Birds Ice Cream comes in pints of happiness, ready to share with your favorite girl squad over an episode of Bachelor in Paradise. These creamy spirited ice creams come in six flavors, four dairy and two of which are non dairy and gluten free. All six flavors, Vanilla, Chocolate, Blackberry, Caffé Mocha, Lemon Drop Sorbet and Island Coconut Sorbet, are infused with vodka and contain 6% ABV.

My favorite flavor would have to be the Caffé Mocha, which combines coffee, ice cream and vodka in one heavenly creation- basically killing Three Birds with one stone. I was lucky enough to try all the flavors and experience the rich flavor, creamy gelato finish and strong vodka taste in each pint. The classic vanilla and chocolate flavors paired well on top of cake and make for an interesting dessert combination. After one spoon of Two Birds Ice Cream, I felt tipsy right away.

Two Birds Ice Cream is available at this list of retailers in Oregon, giving you a great excuse to road trip to Oregon just to visit their Tasting Room in St. Helens.

3. Fruta POP

Fruta POP creates hand-crafted liquor infused popsicles with natural fruits and juices. These healthy poptails come in a variety of flavors such as Piña Colada, Moscow Mule, Guava Cosmo, Watermelon Lemonade, and more. My two favorite flavors are the Sparkling Mango Mimosa and Coconut Rosé popsicles. Each popsicle has a strong vodka flavor and contains 5% ABV, which is more than enough to get you tipsy.

These icy treats come in a convenient zip lock style package, which makes it easy to enjoy without making a mess. The packaging also makes it easy to share with friends by cutting the popsicle in half, reminding us of an adult version of the otter pop.

Fruta POP is available online in packs of 12.

4. POPS (UK Based)

This UK based popsicle company creates low calorie, dairy free, alcoholic popsicles for adults. These premium Champagne based popsicles come in a variety of flavors, such as Classic, Bellini, Frosé, Watermelon Martini, Chilly Mango and Strawberry & Mint. Each popsicle contains about 4% ABV and comes in beautiful packaging, ready for your next photo shoot.

Sadly, POPS are not available in the United States, but they are available in Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Australia and more countries listed here. We highly recommend trying these if you are studying abroad or on vacation.

5. Tipsy Scoop

Tipsy Scoop has a huge variety of liquor infused ice creams and sorbets in their Barlour in New York City. We tried four flavors, 2 dairy ice creams (Cake Batter Vodka Martini and Dark Chocolate Whiskey Salted Caramel) and two sorbets (Raspberry Limonchello Sorbet and Mango Margarita Sorbet). I really enjoyed mixing the two sorbet flavors to create a new mixed ice cream. Their ice creams are all creamy and have just the right amount of alcohol; each pint contains 5% ABV.

Tipsy Scoop has a store in New York and is available at this list of retailers in NYC and for purchase online.

6. DIY- Rosé Popsicles

Click here for the recipe to my famous Rosé Popsicles, these yummy and easy to make treats are great for a day in the sun or your next Bachelor Viewing party. All you need is a bottle of rosé, fruits, honey and a popsicle mold.


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