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Joseph Isaacs – CEO

Joseph Isaacs – CEO, is a highly successful serial entrepreneur and marketing genius. Mr. Isaacs has successfully created, grown and exited multiple businesses and industries during a career that has spanned 40+ years. His vision and creativity created the largest Telecommunications regulatory consulting firm in the USA in 1996. Through partnerships and an international clientele he was responsible for facilitating billions of dollars in infrastructure sales to telecommunications carriers. He is an expert at many facets of building business and creating new and exciting market categories.

He has mentored and helped others throughout the years obtain success. He is a self made, self taught, highly motivated and laser focused guy who retired the first time at 45. After his first retirement, Joseph went on to built a real estate empire of rental single family homes for his family throughout Florida. He loves being involved with start-ups and is considered my many an expert at out-of-the-box thinking, business structures, contracts, marketing, networking, new product development, sales and management and creating strategic alliances. Some of his previous endeavors included swimwear, community banking, telecommunications regulatory consulting, dessert cafes, franchising, construction and real estate.

His latest passion and focus is Buzz Pops where he is leading the charge and taken on the responsibilities of the company’s senior management. He is helping his son, Chef Jason build an empire.


40+ year serial entrepreneur and out of the box thinker.

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  1. Larry Klein

    “Serial Entrepreneurs” are a dime a dozen. Serial Entrepreneurs with a consistent track record of success are rare individuals indeed. I look forward to observing the growth and success of Buzz Pop Cocktails.

    1. Thanks. Keep checking back for additions to our website and information on where to find Buzz Pop Cocktails

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