Sweetpotato Awesome Gives Buzz Pop Cocktails Love

Sweetpotato Awesome Gives Buzz Pop Cocktails Love

Sweetpotato Awesome shows the love for it’s neighbors and fellow La Vegas entrepreneurs Buzz Pop Cocktails.

If you’ve never been an entrepreneur or owned your own business it may come as a surprise that there is an amazing amount of camaraderie among those in the trenches. Often only another business owner can understand the highs and lows that come with being self-employed and as a result great friendships form. When Buzz Pop Cocktails was looking to establish their initial production facility in Las Vegas, we had the fortune to meet Josh Kingdon of Sweetpotato Awesome. In large part due to Josh’s insight and friendly nature we chose to setup shop next to his facility and the rest, as they say, is history!

Josh is a fantastic friend and businessman and we are proud to recognize his recent inclusion in the latest issue of the Desert Companion. We are deeply honored that Josh chose Buzz Pop Cocktails as one of his five top ways to beat the Summer Heat in Las Vegas. Congratulations Josh on the great article and for your continued success!

Read about Josh Kingdon and Sweetpotato Awesome beginning on Page 34!

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