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These Boozy Push-Pops Will Make Days By The Pool So Fun

Oh, and did we mention they are less than 100 calories each?

Simplemost Food. As if you needed more evidence that kids who grew up in the 1990s have now inherited the Earth, you can now buy push-up popsicles that will get you drunk!

Buzz Pop Cocktails are popsicles made with gourmet fruit sorbet and “top-shelf liquors” in a handheld tube that features a stick you can push up to get to the bottom of the treat. Anyone who ever had a box of Push-Up Pops in their freezer as a kid will know exactly how to eat these with no instructions needed.

Created by the father-son duo of Joseph Issacs, an entrepreneur, and Jason Isaacs, a chef, each Buzz Pop has less than 100 calories and contains no high-fructose corn syrup. The gluten-free, fat-free and vegan-friendly popsicles come in a range of flavors with fun names like Blueberry Mojo (blueberry sorbet and tequila), Southern Belle (sweet tea, peaches, lemon and bourbon), Pink Paradise (grapefruit, blood orange, raspberry and tequila) and Caribbean Breeze (pineapple, orange and white rum).

There’s also a Moscow Mule push-up pop (ginger, lime, brown sugar and vodka) that I’m going to go ahead and order four of, so don’t mind me …

Speaking of which, Buzz Pops can be ordered online! They aren’t cheap, however. A variety pack of eight popsicles costs $99.99 from the online shop, so they may be more of a special occasion treat. The company claims its sorbet is restaurant-quality and that the liquors it uses are premium.

Oh, and have I mentioned the alcohol content yet? These aren’t some cute little alcoholic treats you’d eat a couple of and barely feel a buzz — each Buzz Pop has 15-percent ABV (alcohol by volume)! That’s more than three times a glass of Guinness,  more than a glass of your trusty Malbec, or a glass of pretty much any wine for that matter.

So, despite how they look, Buzz Pops are definitely not for kids. But they just might bring out your inner kid and remind you of those day chasing down the ice cream truck for a Push-Up Pop!


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