Sorbets, what’s all the Buzz about?

Sorbets, what’s all the Buzz about?

Sorbet may be the perfect option for your next treat. If you are not an ice cream fan and you want something that is still full of flavor and cool to the touch, this may be the perfect choice. This is a type of frozen dessert. To make it, manufacturers mix water that has been sweetened just the right away with a juice or fruit puree. For adults, it is also possible to add a wine or liqueur to the mix to create an irresistible treat. If you have yet to sample this type of treat, now is a good time to do so, because there are so many options available to you.

Is This New?
One of the most common misconceptions about this frozen treat is that it is a new, modern concoction. It’s not something that science just came up with. Rather, the word itself is Latin. The use of this tempting treat dates back to two ancient cultures. The Romans and the Persians are credited with creating and serving this treat. There are even Arabic forms of it as well. Which one will you get to sample?

So What Is It?
What is sorbet? It’s easy to confuse this tempting treat with other types of frozen goodies. It is not the same as Italian ice, for example. It is not the same as sherbet either. So, what makes it so different from these other treats? First, consider how it differs from ice cream. This product does not contain the dairy products or the air that are normally key components of ice creams. This makes the treat far denser in texture. It also has more flavor than most types of traditional ice cream.

Sherbet, which it is commonly mistaken for, is a significantly different treat. Sherbet contains dairy, even if it is just a small amount of it. Generally, the butterfat content of sherbet is between one and two percent. However, sorbet has no fat in it. For those that want something tasty that is also good for them, this can be the right choice because it cuts out so much of the fat from ice cream or sherbet. If you sample a version made with wine or alcohol of any type, you will notice a smoother and looser texture, but this is still the same product.

Take a few minutes to check out sorbet. Purchase a bit of it and sample it. What you will find is that it is packed with flavor, often times far more than you will find in other products. Yet, it is good for you because it contains so much less fat than other frozen must-haves.

There is no wrong time to enjoy a few spoonfuls of delicious sorbet. If you have never tried this tasty treat yourself, it is time to visit


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