NBA All-Star Weekend kickoff Yacht Party

NBA All-Star weekend yacht party in Los Angeles gets  Buzz Pop Cocktails, the world’s 1st Adult alcohol Push Pops as an attendee. Taste the Sensation. An amazing fun filled weekend full of sports figures, celebrities and great partnerships with Drake’s Organic Spirits and New Age Beverage thanks to Celebrity Sweat. These partnerships  enabled Buzz Pop Cocktails to rub shoulders will NBA players, NFL players, tv celebrities and Tae Bo creator Billy Banks. We were able to garnish tons of photos as well as sample one of the most sought after products of 2017. Buzz Pops will be featured in the episode of Celebrity Sweat on March 3rd, 2018. Watch for it. Buzz Pop Cocktails had the  opportunity to see the true benefits first-hand as it was responsible for putting the smile on the faces of many attendees throughout the event.

NBA Fans: Buzz Pops - "Go Ahead, Indulge"

Team LeBron caps comeback with a defensive stop, top Team Stephen

LeBron James, Kevin Durant team to prevent Steph Curry from taking game-tying three to hold onto victory.

Yacht Party with Drake’s Organic Spirits & Celebrity Sweat

"Go Ahead Indulge"

Celebrity Sweat Episode preview

World's 1st Adult Push Pop made with 15% Premium Spirits