Anthony Amos – Director Global Initiative

Anthony began his career playing professional rugby straight out of high school in Australia. While playing football, Anthony decided to use his downtime to start his own business and at 21, he founded a mobile dog grooming business: HydroDog.

Within five years, HydroDog had grown to more than 100 franchises across Australia and was the first franchise of its kind to be in every state and territory. After the 100th franchise milestone was achieved, HydroDog implemented a Master Franchise model and took the franchise system to the next level. This resulted in all state and territories in Australia being sold within an 18-month period.

Anthony and his team revolutionized the dog grooming industry by designing and creating a fiberglass mobile grooming salon in the shape of a big blue dog and to this day, there is no other product like it in the marketplace. Grossing $10 million annually, HydroDog grew to the world’s largest franchise of its kind.

At the age of 28, Anthony became one of Australia’s youngest millionaires.

With the Bathe to National Save Tour, Anthony is focused on raising awareness of benefits of animal adoption while promoting the sponsoring organizations and serving as a media spokesperson. He is also responsible for reaching out to and building relationships with the rescues/organizations to schedule and implement washing days /Bathe To Save events.

Anthony is an Entrepreneur, founding franchisor, International best selling author & personality speaker and our partner for Global initiatives.


40+ year serial entrepreneur and out of the box thinker.

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