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Kevin Kolinski – Director of Content Management

Kevin joins Buzz Pop Cocktails with an unusual combination of talents and experience that made him a natural fit for our team. A one time collegiate athlete, Kevin left higher learning behind in order to pursue a vision of financial security and mastery of his own time. In the twenty years since that fateful decision, Kevin has shared his technical expertise, critical thinking and passion for mentoring others as a founding member of several startups.

Kevin has taken on the role of VP of Content Management. Kevin’s expertise includes: finding, creating and leading emerging opportunities that make use of his extensive background in tech, web development, real estate investing, capital raising, mentoring and charitable contributions.

Kevin’s previous startup experience include:

  • 10Vox Entertainment – CIO – 10Vox entertainment released two product lines of Children’s toys that in turn became playable on Interactive Online Game Worlds or MMOG’s. Kevin was responsible for overseeing the development of multi-million dollar gameworlds and managing remote development team in the US and Russia. Furthermore he became the technical point of contact for the company’s major distributors throughout the world. Revenue of 5MM was exceeded in the first two years of operation.
  • Besharam – US VP of Operations – Besharam exported US based lifestyle products to India. Kevin’s responsibility included managing a website that featured over 30,000 products and overseeing remote teams of developers in both the US and India. Over 1MM of revenue was exceeded by the company.
  • Greenleaf Joint Ventures – President – Kevin oversaw the web development and social media presence which led to the inclusion in a Forbes article that featured many larger companies. Kevin was an advisor to the two principals of the company as they invested over 1MM into various tech, cannabis and sustainable startups.

In his free time, Kevin is an avid reader, die-hard Harry Potter fan, gamer and bad ukulele player. Kevin firmly believes There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch.


40+ year serial entrepreneur and out of the box thinker.

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