Patty Dominquez – Chief Strategist

Patty Dominquez – Chief Strategist

Patty Dominguez has taken on the role of Chief Strategist for Buzz Pop Cocktails.

Co-author of ‘Lead With Success, Powerful Stories From Women That Will Help You Lead With Success’, Patty is a strategic, multidisciplinary recovering corporate executive with a long tenure working with Fortune 50 global brands in marketing services.

She has managed almost one billion dollars in spend and has worked in management consulting with companies such as Kraft Foods (and their portfolio of brands), McDonald’s, Hormel, Chipotle and countless other companies.

In 2012, she left her cushy job to pursue entrepreneurship.

Patty is passionate about helping small business establish their strategic direction so that they can see sustainable growth and thrive.

She now focuses on strategy and content creation that is easy to understand and apply for the CREATE Buzz community.

Patty is also the founder & co-host of the Boss Free Society podcast.

She lives in Chicago with her husband, 2 teenage boys and 2 chihuahuas. When she’s not working, you’ll probably find her doing cliche mom stuff and working hard to figure this whole work/life balance thing out.


40+ year serial entrepreneur and out of the box thinker.

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