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PR Web June 20, 2018 Las Vegas, Nevada

Buzz Feast. After celebrating our 1st Anniversary and an amazing week, Buzz Pop Cocktails® is proud to announce it has further expanded its marketing relationship with Booze Pops ( based out of Charleston, South Carolina. As a veteran owned business, Booze Pops has taken Charleston and surrounding areas by storm with its fleet of mainly adult ice cream trucks.  “We feel privileged to be part of the Booze Pop expansion into franchising so that many more customers will have the opportunity to enjoy our all natural 15% ABV Adult Push Pops as their markets become nationwide. With 40 new franchises planned soon this will take us to many new markets”, says Buzz Pops CEO, Joseph Isaacs. “We wish Booze Pops great success during its expansion”, says Buzz Pops co-founder, Jason Isaacs.

Amongst some of the hundreds media events Buzz Pops has received include:,, ( , Tasting Table,, (   and (

Celebrities and common folk alike are lining up on street corners to taste the adult treats taking Charleston, S.C., by storm. In only two short years, Booze Pops owner Woody Norris has created a thriving business in the Charleston, S.C., area selling “popsicles for grownups.” Last year, he had 34,000 customers and demand continues to grow. “It’s a business that offers steady revenue in a relaxed atmosphere. “You will be the hit of the party anywhere. And it’s fun, said Norris.”

Booze Pops immediately hit it out of the park, by offering Buzz Pop Cocktails to its customers. The news traveled fast and after their first month of selling Buzz Pops, we became their largest vendor in both volume and sales. “We never dreamed that one product line could generate such a Buzz. It started out that way and remains to this day. I am excited about sharing this success with all our franchisees”, says Woody Norris, Booze Pops founder.

Buzz Pop Cocktails utilizes its patented technology, thereby taking signature cocktails and turning them into a 5-star restaurant quality all-natural Italian Sorbets with up to 34% alcohol by volume. Charleston in addition to all the Booze Pops franchisees nationwide will benefit from our use of Drake’s Organic Spirits in the Mango Passion-fruit and Moscow Mule flavors, which are the top two flavors nationwide.

“It is so appropriate to expand the sales of Buzz Pops in the same retro method as the kids push pops were introduced almost 60 years ago. Kids have had their fun for decades with the creamsicle ice cream push pops wrapped in Flinstones characters. It’s time for adults to have the same fun, in a similar delivery method, with the exclusive vendor relationship, in the mobile arena, created between the two companies, says Joseph Isaacs. “Our team is constantly evaluating partnership opportunities, like this one, each year and analyzing which ones make the grade in terms of uniqueness that qualify for the full weight of our time and resources. This partnership aligns with our healthy premium concept. We love the fact that all Drakes Spirits are Gluten free, GMO free and certified Organic,” he adds.

Buzz Pop Cocktails holds the patent pending process for freezing high levels of premium alcohol with 15-40% APV (alcohol per volume) and this opens the door to dominate the specialty cocktail niche that, until now, has resulted in grainy consistency, slushy and poor tasting ready to serve desert items with low alcohol volumes that average around a low 5%. Buzz Pop Cocktails offers seasonal fruit and cold pressed exotic juices, whipped into a 5-star restaurant quality, Italian-style gourmet sorbet infused with top shelf premium liquors. At under 100 calories, vegan, gluten free, certified kosher with no artificial flavors or additives, cocktail aficionado’s experience an “An Adult-Push Pop which brings back memories of the childhood creamsicle push pops they once got from the neighborhood ice cream trucks.  “Go ahead, Indulge……we dare you”.


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