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Shirley's Signature Batch Sorbets - Family Friendly Buzz Pops
Mother tested - Kid Approved. "Bring out the FUN"!

The People have spoken and Buzz Pop Cocktails listened! Non-alcoholic versions of our premium Italian-style sorbets are now available for purchase! Buy Shirley’s Signature Batch Sorbets by Buzz Pops today! Available in Las Vegas only for now. Nationwide shipping begins soon. Stay tuned.

Shirley's Signature Batch Buzz Pops

The Shirley’s Signature Batch Sorbets are a G-Rated version of Buzz Pop Cocktails. We all agree being able to party all-day and every night would be an amazing life. Reality is that an alcoholic beverage, even one as an amazing as Buzz Pop Cocktails, isn’t always appropriate. To tide your taste buds over until the next time you can hit that hot day club or late night VIP scene we developed Shirley’s Signature Batch Sorbets. The same premium, all-natural, Italian-style sorbets that make Buzz Pop Cocktails smooth and refreshing… but without the alcohol. Try one of our alcohol-free flavors today!

Prices and availability are subject to change due to seasonality of items. All items are 100% natural fruit purées and/or cold press juices. There are NO added colors, flavor, preservatives, sugars or high fructose corn syrups. The product is vegan and gluten free. The products listed contain NO Alcohol content. (0%) ABV

Buzz Pops Shirley's Signature Batch Blueberry Pomey


What goes best with wild blueberries? Sweet acidity from juicy pomegranates! You now have an antioxidant elixir made for kids of all ages. Simply amazing. You’re very welcome!

Buzz Pops Shirley's Signature Batch Orange Pineapple


Dive into this vibrant tropical flavor that balances the tastes of sweet and tart with fresh pineapple and juicy orange. The Caribbean flair comes to reality as it melts on your taste buds.

Buzz Pops Shirley's Signature Batch Watermelon


A Summertime staple no matter where you are from. Watermelon Patch promises a sweet, refreshing and juicy treat – sure to satisfy your taste buds. Don’t worry we removed the seeds.

Buzz Pops Shirley's Signature Batch Pink Grapefruit


You will totally feel like paradise when you splurge on pink grapefruit and blood orange’s distinct yet sweet flavor highlighted with raspberry notes. Flavors kids only dream of.

Buzz Pops Shirley's Signature Batch Lemon Lush


A classic sorbet with a fresh lemony and tangy taste, we elevate the flavor profile by adding real aromatic vanilla beans for a unique flavorful explosive experience.

Buzz Pops Shirley's Signature Batch Mango Passion Fruit


Sweet, creamy mango compliments the slight tartness of passion fruit and includes hints of bright lemon for a delicious treat both kids and adults will love. Our chefs crave this flavor.

For Additional Information Regarding a Wholesale Account

Online at Buzz Pop Cocktails Wholesale Inquiry or via phone: 727-641-5551.